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6 Reasons why your toe keeps cramping & How To Get Relief

We all have suffered from those strange and sudden muscle spasms in the foot that appears out of the blue and leave your foot stiff. These cramps are not harmful, although they can be very uncomfortable. Such cramps are also known as, “Charley Horses.” They often appear as we age, but there are some other contributing factors as well.

Top reasons why your toe keeps cramping

Let’s take a look at top most reasons why toe keeps cramping and how should you prevent it.

1. Muscle Fatigue

If you are overexerting your leg and foot muscles by walking around a lot or by exercising more than usual, it can easily lead to muscle cramp in the night. It is always advisable to increase your intensity of workouts and pace yourself steadily. This will give your muscles sufficient time to adapt.

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2. Dehydration

When suffering from muscle cramps then first and foremost things that you need to do is to keep yourself hydrated. Along with water, our body also loses electrolytes (essential salts) that plays a significant role in our body’s functioning primarily muscle movements. Make sure you drink lots of water daily to avoid these cramps. The recommended water consumption is eight glasses in a day, or if you are staying in a hot weather state or country, then 3-4 liters of water is the average recommendation.

3. The Wrong Shoes

Most of spending considerable amount of time in shoes and if they are not of right fit then it will show in the form of pain or muscles cramps especially when we are off to bed. If the cramps are getting worse, then try to switch to flats for a few days and observe the difference. The show should not be too soft nor too hard and must fit the arch of your foot.

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4. Medication side effects

Certain medications can cause muscle cramps and spasm as side effects. If you are on any medication right now and start experiencing muscle stiffness or cramps immediately consult your doctor. Typically, toe cramps get reduced when you stop taking the medicines.

5. Deficiencies

The relaxation and contraction of muscles are responsible for the movement of our body parts. And for this working of muscles certain electrolytes are needed like, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. If there is a deficiency of any of these minerals, it can lead to muscle cramps. Include vegetables and fruits in your diet.

6. Stretch your foot

When it comes to stretching or exercising foot is the most overlooked body part. It is imperative to move and stretch the feet around. Point your toes, flex them, spread them out, so whatever you want to stretch the toes – but do not strain them. It is also essential to stretch your muscles before exercising.

Now, you know the six most prominent reasons of foot cramps or muscle stiffness. Pay attention to your shoes, diet, and activities and avoid those things that are causing such cramps.