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How to Cure Dengue Fever Naturally – Use Papaya Leaf Juice

Every year as soon as monsoon arrives it brings the fear of “Dengue fever.” For most of us, it is a nightmare especially when we have small children at home. As we know, it is a severe ailment spread by a particular breed of mosquito. In few instances, the condition could turn to be fatal.

But, you should be worried! Some highly efficient natural remedies can help you to cure the dengue fever efficiently. And, of such natural remedy is PAPAYA LEAF.

The following blog will help you understand how to use the leaves of papaya juice for the treatment of dengue fever.

Why is Papaya leaf juice effective in curing dengue fever?

It is the most relevant question that we all must know. It is only then you will be convinced of its effectiveness and suggest other as a cure.
Papaya leaves are found one of the richest edible sources of chymopapain and papain enzymes, which contributes significantly to improving the platelet counts. Apart from that, these leaves are also enriched in calcium, Vitamins, iron, phosphorous and protein as well as carbohydrates.

papaya leaves juice to increase platelets

How to make Papaya Leaves Juice for Dengue Fever?

Read the instructions below to make the papaya leaves juice for dengue fever. The critical part here to remember is only raw papaya leaves work as the cure for dengue. Only follow these steps:

Things you need
2 – Raw leaves of papaya

How to make it?
1. Take the two raw leaves of papaya
2. Take away the fibrous portion and stems of the leaves
3. Now gently squeeze out the juice from the leaves
Make sure you perform this step with clean hands and in a healthy environment.
4. Now, directly consume the juice.
5. To feel the improvement repeat the process like two times a day.
Note– you need to consume the juice freshly then only it will help you to recover from Dengue fever.
Papaya Leafe Paste to Cure Dengue

Similarly to the juice, using the paste made out of papaya leaves will also contribute to curing the dengue fever. Read the paste preparation instructions below:

Things you required:
– Two tablespoon – Fruit juice of your preference
– 3 – Raw and fresh papaya leaves

How to make it?
– Take the fresh and raw leaves of papaya
– Grind them in a mixer and make the paste
– Mix this paste with two tablespoons of fruit juice
– Stir it well
– Now, directly consume this paste
For better results keep this consumption 2 times every day for consecutive 7 days to get rid of dengue fever.

Case Studies

When we talk about the natural remedies, then there is no better convincing than listening to the real experience of people. In the subsequent paragraphs, you will read such two real-life experiences of dengue fever patients.

1. A female patient in her late 30s was admitted to the hospital after being diagnosed with dengue fever. After 3 days, her condition starts deteriorating, as her platelet counts start falling rapidly and reached to 28,000. Even her lungs started filling with water. A relative of the patient who recognized the raw leaves of papaya and its benefits provided the juice to the lady.
In just a matter of a day or 24 hours, her platelet counts were up and fever reduced. The juice consumption was continued for next three days, and she reported a significant improvement in her condition.

2. A teenager was admitted to the hospital with dengue fever. He had the severe condition as his blood platelet counts dropped to 15000. Doctor’s tried 15 liters of blood transfusion along other medications, but there were no signs of improvement.
Subsequently, a friend of boy’s father suggested them papaya leaf juice. Within 24 hours of time, the platelet counts of the boy reached to 1, 30,000 much to the astonishment of doctors. Within few days and with continuous consumption of papaya juice his fever got controlled, and he was sent home.

The Final Word

So now you understand how useful the leaves of papaya in battling the dengue fever are. If you or someone close to you is suffering from dengue – then there is no need of going into a panic mode. All you need to do is follow the doctor’s instructions and start the papaya leaf juice in a way mentioned above.