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Top reasons for lower back pain & how to treat it naturally

Lower back pain is a universal human experience that we all has it at some point in a lifetime. The lower back is also known as a lumbar region that starts below the rib cage. Pain at this area can be intense, and it is one of the most common reasons to missed work. Luckily, the pain here gets better on its own. And, when it does not, there are many effective treatments to follow.

Primary reasons for lower back pain

Let’s take a look at top reasons of lower back pain and interesting remedies to treat it effectively.

1. Degenerated changes in the spine

When your spinal disks become less flexible and flatter, you may experience the degenerative changes. The cushions between these disks shrink, the vertebra’s joints press tightly against each other. Thus causing you to suffer stiffness and back pain. As a result, the body will start building new bones to support the region where the pressure is elevated.

It is recommended for people who experience such pain must sleep carefully as sleeping in the wrong posture for long and on a continuous basis can cause this pain.

2. Herniated disk

When a person experiences a crack in one of the disks, the cushions between the vertebrae play a role in developing the back pain. The major role of disks is to prevent the vertebrae from rubbing against each other. Lower back pain also initiates when the body starts developing changes due to aging factor.

The annulus is known as the outer layer of each disk. It is less stretchy which makes it vulnerable to cracking, and when this happens, the nucleus (the inner layer of the disk) bulges out. It puts pressure on nerves and causes the back pain.

3. Osteoporosis

As we age the level of calcium in our body reduces. It automatically lowers the mass or density of our bones. Hence, making it brittle and porous, this condition is known as Osteoporosis. For those who suffer from osteoporosis are restricted to perform any daily lifting as it can cause fracture or cracking. And if a crack occurs then it further leads to the back pain.

Typically, this condition is common in females that tend to develop after the menopause.

How to treat the lower back pain?

Now you know the reasons for reasons of lower back pain, let’s take a look at some of the natural treatment options.

– For the temporary relief, you can use warm bath or heating pad.

– If the lower back pain is due to muscle strain, then doctors recommend resuming your daily work activities as soon as possible. If you stay more than a day or two on bed rest, then it might worsen the pain.

– Some researchers also reported if back pain continuous for three months or more than Yoga can help to reduce the pain even can cure it.